Cynthia Voigt

Doesn't look like a homecoming dance to me...

Doesn’t look like a homecoming dance to me…

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 402
Age Range: 12 and up
Year: 1981

Genre: Realistic

Series: 1st of 7

Homecoming is the story of four children who are abandoned by their mother and their struggle to make it to somewhere they can call home. Dicey, the oldest, takes charge of her younger siblings and leads them through finding food, work, and a means of travel. They meet many interesting people on their journey that help them, and help shape their values. Eventually they end up at their aunt’s house, but when there is threat of separation they decide to run. They head for their grandmother’s house where they find many surprises and a home. It is a heartwarming story.

I suggest this book for any one who enjoys drama and has a sense of adventure.

-Ms. Z


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Filed under Age Range: 12 and up, Author: Cynthia Voigt, Genre: Realistic, Page Count: 400-500, Part of a Series, Year: 1980s

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