Demon in My View

Demon in My View
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

This story sounds suspiciously like the author's own life...

This story sounds suspiciously like the author’s own life…

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 192
Age Range: 12 and up
Year: 2001
Genre: Horror, Fantasy
Series: 2nd of 4

Jessica Allodola is human teenager who writes vampire novels when she’s not in school. Shunned by most of her classmates because of her gothic look and strange obsession with the mystical world, she stays at home and writes stories from her imagination. Recently she published a book under her pen name Ash Night. Shortly after, the main character from her book, Aubrey, comes to her school as a student. Although no one else suspects he is, Jessica is convinced he is the vampire she has written about in her book. To discover the truth about him and how it is possible that he is real and not imaginary,  Jessica must become close to him, risking her life and her future.

People who love horror will love this book and the characters in this book will pop up again later in the series.

-Ms. Caitlin


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Filed under Age Range: 12 and up, Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Genre: Fantasy, Genre: Horror, Page Count: 100-200, Part of a Series, Year: 2000s

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