The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie

The Murder of Bindy MacKenzie
Jaclyn Moriarty

What!? Does she actually get murdered?

What!? Does she actually get murdered?

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 494
Age Range: 12 and up
Year: 2006
Genre: Mystery
Series: 3rd of 4

In their eleventh year, Ashbury High students are required to take a new class called “Friendship and Development” or FAD. Bindy Mackenzie, who was featured at the end of the previous book as the fastest typist known to man, has a type A and neurotic personality. She becomes convinced that her FAD class, a group of 8, is out to get her and she spends most of her year trying to take them down all while dealing with being a teenager.

Of all the series, this book is written the most differently. It is written entirely from Bindy’s perspective in the form of her notes to herself and to the school board trying to get the FAD class dismantled. The story is told very intriguingly and offers a lot of insight into be a teenager. It is funny and the outcome of the mystery is shocking! A good read. Of the four of the series, it is probably my least favorite though.

-Emily T.


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