Brian’s Winter

Brian’s Winter
Gary Paulsen



Quick Stats:

Page Count: 133
Age Range: 10 and up
Year: 1996
Genre: Adventure

Series: 3rd of 5, Brian’s Saga

This is the 3rd book, or could be read as the 2nd book in the Hatchet series. It gives an alternate ending to Brian’s stay in the Canadian wilderness during its harsh winter where he encounters new challenges trying to survive with new elements. The author takes you through what would have happened had he not been rescued before the winter season hit.

I think that people who want to read about a realistic survival situation would really enjoy this book. I believe that this book would be loved by anyone who has a passion for the outdoors. It’s a captivating book and keeps you highly interested. I read both Hatchet and Brian’s Winter with a group of 8th Grade boys this past school year and we all loved our time reading it.

-Mr. T


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