Roald Dahl

"A book?! What d'ya wanna flaming book for?"

“A book?! What d’ya wanna flaming book for?”

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 248
Age Range: 7 and up
Year: 1988
Genre: Fantasy

Matilda is a young girl who loves to read and has magic powers.  She uses her magic in order to play pranks on her rude parents and the evil Miss Trunchbull. In the story, Matilda develops a very close bond with her teacher, Miss Honey. Miss Honey and Matilda have a lot in common as they both have family members who did not treat them well. When Matilda learns that Miss Trunchbull is actually Miss Honey’s abusive aunt, Matilda uses her magic to scare Miss Trunchbull into giving Miss Honey her rightful inheritance from her parents.

I think that any young girl would love to read this book. Matilda is a good influence as she uses her powers for good. Matilda has a difficult time at home but finds ways to cope and is able to develop a special relationship with her teacher.

-Miss Jenny


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Filed under Age Range: 7 and up, Author: Roald Dahl, Genre: Fantasy, Page Count: 200-300, Year: 1980s

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