What Would Joey Do?

What Would Joey Do?
Jack Gantos

He looks a lot less manic in this cover than in the first two.

He looks a lot less manic in this cover than in the first two.

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 256
Age Range: 10 and up
Year: 2003
Genre: Realistic

Series: 3rd of 4, Joey Pigza Series

This is the third book in the Joey Pigza series. In this book Joey finds that his parents are beginning to get along again…and sparks are flying!! He is not sure if this is good or bad being that they are the only two people who care about him. Joey’s Grandma steps in by trying to get Joey to be friends with his neighbor, Olivia. Joey does not really want to be friends with her, but tries to please his Grandma. Olivia takes advantage of the situation by manipulating Joey and being really mean to him. After the family goes haywire, Joey and Olivia begin to start understanding each other…Joey’s grandmother passes away and Joey is faced with big decisions to make in regards to his friendship with Olivia and relationships with his family.

Any middle school student would love this series. Joey Pigza can relate to hyper active kids, students who have families that are facing divorce or alcoholism and student who just love a good laugh!

-Miss Jenny


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