A Solitary Blue

A Solitary Blue
Cynthia Voigt

A music man!

A music man!

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 256
Age Range: 12 and up
Year: 1983
Genre: Realistic

Series: 3rd of 7, The Tillerman Cycle

This book tells us the story of Jeff Greene. We follow Jeff from second grade on the day his mother leaves him. Jeff struggles with his mother coming in and out of his life and eventually he has a breakdown that causes his father to uproot them and move them to a whole new town. Jeff is forced to rebuild his life and learns that there are people he can depend on.

This book would be great for anyone who loves drama or realistic books. The characters in this book are very strong and it’s easy to become attached to them. This book is the third book in the Tillerman Cycle, but could easily be read on its own.

-Ms. Z


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Filed under Age Range: 12 and up, Author: Cynthia Voigt, Genre: Realistic, Page Count: 200-300, Part of a Series, Year: 1980s

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