The Lost Hero

The Lost Hero
Rick Riordan

If he's Jason the Argonaut, then he's been lost for quite some time!

If he’s Jason the Argonaut, then he’s been lost for quite some time!

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 576
Age Range: 10 and up
Year: 2010
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Series: 1st of 5, The Heroes of Olympus

Jason wakes up on a school bus with no idea who he is or how he got there. His two companions fill him in on who they are (his girlfriend and best friend) and tell him they are on a field trip to the Grand Canyon. After arriving at the Grand Canyon one of his classmates turns into a storm spirit and attacks him. To everyone’s surprise Jason turns a coin into a sword and fights off the storm spirit but not before it takes Coach Hedge. Then a flying chariot shows up and brings the trio to Camp Half-Blood where they find out that they are all Demi-Gods, and that they must find Hera and rescue her, the fate of the world is at risk!

I recommend this book for anyone who likes action and adventure, and maybe a little love.

-Ms. Z


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