Becoming Naomi Leon

Becoming Naomi Leon 

Pam Munoz Ryan            9780439269971                                                           

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 272
Age Range: 8 and up
Year: 2005
Genre: Realistic

Naomi, Owen, and Gram are happy living in their small trailer home at Avocado Acres until an unsuspected visitor shows up for the first time in seven years.  Not only is Naomi dealing with the onset of her unruly hair and odd last name, she now fears the pursuing custody battle which could take her away from her loving great grandmother and disabled, but smart, little brother.  Naomi and her small family must race against the time to find her other parent and win over the approval of the judges to stay with the family she knows and loves.

This book is great at recognizing family problems, especially dealing with parents who may live away from the home, adolescent problems, and most importantly dealing with confidence issues

Ms. Brittany


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Filed under Age Range: 8 and up, Author: Pam Munoz Ryan, Genre: Realistic, Page Count: 200-300, Year: 2000s

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