Brian Jacques

Quick Stats:
Page Count: 431b
Age Range: 10 and up
Year: 1988
Genre: Fantasy
Book 22

Set several years before the first book, Redwall, Mossflower tells the story of Martin the Warrior in his quest to liberate Mossflower woods from the tyrannical rule of an evil wildcat. Like the other Redwall books, Mossflower is filled with adventures, battles, good times, and bad times, and is an enjoyable read.

Anyone who enjoyed Redwall will naturally want to continue in the series. Mossflower is in many ways more rich and developed than Redwall, as Brian Jacques never intended to publish Redwall when he was initially writing it.

Mr. Coleman


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Filed under Age Range: 10 and up, Author: Brian Jacques, Genre: Fantasy, Page Count: 400-500, Part of a Series

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