Hurricane Dancers

Hurricane Dancers
Margarita Engle

Quick Stats:
Page Count: 145Unknown-1
Age Range: 10 and up
Year: 2011
Genre: Adventure, Historical, Poetry

Quebrado is a young man of Taino Indian and Spanish ancestry. He is a slave to Bernardino de Talavera, a Caribbean pirate, who wishes to conquer the Caribbean isles and searches for vulnerable islanders to capture and sell. When a hurricane hits the ship, Quebrado escapes the dangerous waters and finds refuge in a small village. Quebrado befriends two young lovers, learns how to navigate his past and present, and decides the fate of his former captors.

This is a very short book. This story is fictional but based on historical references of the Caribbean history but told in series of short poems.

Ms. Brittany


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Filed under Age Range: 10 and up, Author: Margarita Engle, Genre: Adventure, Genre: Historical, Genre: Poetry, Page Count: 100-200, Year: 2010s

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