Series of Unfortunate Events and The Austere Academy

Series of Unfortunate Events and The Austere Academy
Lemony Snickett

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 240
Age Range: 9 and upUnknown
Genre: Adventure

The book begins with the Baudelaire orphans and Mr.Poe outside of the Prufrock Preparatory School. As they walk to the Vice principals office they notice writing on the wall that states “remember you will die” the children are preparing themselves for the worst. At the academy they sleep in a shack designated for only orphans where they meet The Quagmires who help them through their hard times. Count Olaf disguises himself as Coach Gengis making the orphans do outrageous physical and mental tests, if they failed they would be “tutored” personally by him. In the end The Quagmires help them out of a sticky situation and are punished for it when Count Olaf is founded out, he kidnaps The Quagmires because they also have a wealthy inheritance. The Baudelaires are safe but very worried for their new friends.

This book is great for an adventuress reader who likes books about friendship, creativity and spooky characters.



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Filed under Age Range: 9 and up, Author: Lemony Snicket, Genre: Adventure, Page Count: 200-300, Year: 2000s

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