Letters from Rifka

Letters from Rifka

Karen Hesse

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 148Unknown

Age Range: 10 and up

Year: 1993

Genre: Adventure, Historical, Realistic

A young Jewish girl from Russia tells her story about the lifestyle and dangers of Russia in the early 1900s. Her family decides to leave Russia for the safety of their family, and Rifka continues to tell her story through letters to her cousin of journeying to the new country called the United States of America with the end stop being Ellis Island.

Rifka is a strong young girl trying to make a better life for herself, while she faces many dangers like the police and contagious diseases, she still overcomes everything to come to the United States. The book is short but has plenty of action and adventure for Rifka. It’s a good book for anyone looking for a reminder of hardships for people traveling through Ellis Island and how not everyone was welcomed to the country with open arms.

Miss Samantha



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Filed under Age Range: 10 and up, Genre: Adventure, Genre: Historical, Genre: Realistic, Page Count: 100-200, Year: 1990s

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