E. L. Konigsburg

Quick Stats:Unknown-1

Page Count: 152

Age Range: 8 and up

Year: 1970

Genre: Mystery

Benjamin Carr is an intelligent 6th grader who is more than what he at first seems. George, his internal self, has always been there for Ben, as both company and reason. However, when Ben and George have a dispute about what’s going on in the science lab, George becomes silent and seems to disappear. By the time Ben figures it out for himself, will George still be there for him?

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a little mystery and can understand the internal struggle between listening to and accepting your whole self and wanting to fit in.

Ms. A



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Filed under Age Range: 8 and up, Author: E. L. Konisgburg, Genre: Mystery, Page Count: 100-200, Year: 1970s

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