Ronald Dahl

Quick Stats:Unknown-1

Page Count: 221

Age Range: 9 and up

Year: 1982

Genre: Fantasy

This is a very silly and imaginative novel about an orphan named Sophie who gets kidnapped by a giant in the middle of the night. The giant’s name is BFG, short for “Big Friendly Giant.” He is the only giant in Giant Country who doesn’t eat humans. Every night when the human-eating giants visit human countries to eat people for supper, the BFG takes a suitcase full of glass jars and a net, and he collects things that only he knows how to catch. Using the contents of the glass jars, Sophie and the BFG devise a plan to make sure that the other giants will never be able to gobble up humans again.

Roald Dahl is the author of several other whimsical and funny novels, like James and the Giant Peach, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Witches. This book is similar because it makes you laugh and it shows how kids can improve the problems they see in the world. The novel is organized into short chapters, which makes it easy to read quickly. I would recommend this book to anybody with a sense of humor who likes to daydream or come up with wild ideas.

Miss Rachel


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Filed under Age Range: 9 and up, Author: Roald Dahl, Genre: Fantasy, Page Count: 200-300, Year: 1980s

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