Karsten Knight

Quick Stats:Wildfire

Page Count: 393

Age Range: 14 and up

Year: 2011


This book is the first in a series of three about a girl named Ashline Wilde who finds out that she is an ancient Polynesian goddess reincarnated in a super sarcastic, boy crazy, tennis champion, fiercely independent teenage body. Ashline gets into a fight at her school and gets transferred to a private school out of state, where she meets some other kids who notice the same things that Ashline notices — things that only gods and goddesses are aware of. Everybody else’s knows what their power is, but Ashline is still getting used to hers and doesn’t know how to use it. Meanwhile, she starts falling for this guy who has finished high school already, and her older sister starts messing with her new life, trying to convince Ashline to leave all the mortals behind.

This book is awesome! Girls might like it more just because the main character is female and her perspective is one that a lot of girls can probably relate to. This book is action-packed with dangerous humans, dangerous gods, jerk boys, jealous girls, a suspicious headmaster, phantoms, a blind siren with the voice of an angel, and a MASQUERADE BALL! What!?!? I repeat, this book is awesome.

Miss Rachel



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Filed under Age Range: 14 and up, Genre: Fantasy, Page Count: 300-400, Year: 2010s

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