Letting Ana Go

Letting Ana GoLetting Ana Go


Quick Stats:

Page Count: 279

Age Range: 14 and up

Year: 2013

Genres: Realistic

Letting Ana Go is the journal of a 16 year old girl who develops an eating disorder after her parents divorce. She is on the cross country team at school, and is one of their fastest runners. She starts restricting her calories and running extra miles to keep up with one of her best friends who is trying to lose weight for a ballet audition, and she believes that her boyfriend will dump her if she isn’t perfect. This book is an inside look at how an eating disorder can take hold and disrupt a person’s life, and it shows how quickly you can lose control.

Anorexia is a deadly disease, but because our culture idolizes rail-thin models, a lot of young girls don’t realize that they are harming themselves if they don’t eat enough, and they feel proud of themselves for having control over their bodies. I would recommend this book to young girls who are worried about their bodies or who feel like they need to be skinny to be happy and to have friends. I would also recommend it to people who know somebody who might have an eating disorder because this book might help you to understand what they are going though. By reading Ana’s journal, you get to see how hard it really is to get better once you have started. The book is tragic, but very honest.

– Miss Rachel


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