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Quick Stats:

Page Count: 291
Age Range: 10 and up
Year: 2012
Genre: Historical

Moses Thomas, a young man living in Wilmington, North Carolina, is caught between worlds. As a young black man in Wilmington, he is feared by the white community, and as part of the black middle class, he has difficulty fitting in with his other black friends, who consider themselves too high-class for Moses’s company. His father is a city Alderman, duly elected by the people of Wilmington, and works hard to instill a sense of equality in Moses even despite the horrid oppression of their city. And as Moses navigates his way through the daily racism in his life, a dangerous movement is growing in the white community which could lead to disaster.

This is one of the best Young Adult books I have ever read. It puts forth complicated issues of race and class without diluting them down for a young audience, and does so in a truly compelling and emotional narrative. Readers interested in learning about one of the lesser-known American tragedies/atrocities absolutely NEED to read Crow.

-B. Fanelli


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