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Deck Z: The Titanic: Unsinkable. Undead

Deck Z: The Titanic: Unsinkable. Undead

Chris PaulsUnknown

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 222

Age Range: 13 and up

Year: 2012

Genre: Adventure, Historical, Horror, Thriller

Imagine, the historic ship Titanic sinking because of… Zombies? In this action packed thriller, a German scientist unleashes a plague on the ill-fated Titanic as it travels across the Atlantic, turning passengers into zombies. Captain Smith of the Titanic and his crew fight of a horde of zombified passengers as the ship unknowingly cruises towards the fatal iceberg.

Teens who are fascinated by both history and horror will find this book riveting, especially teens who enjoy zombie thrillers.

Ms. Kost


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