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Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale

Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale

Christine Warren

Quick Stats:untitled

Page Count: 320

Age Range: 13 and up

Year: 2011

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, SciFi

You are used to reading about women dating/marrying vampires and werewolves, what about someone who promises herself to never marry anyone who isn’t fully human. On a job to investigate leprechaun, she meets someone who she can potentially fall in love with. But this person is a fae. Will she fall in love with this person? Will she change her mind about inter species dating?

Everyone who is interested in the twilight series or interested in reading about ʺINTER SPECIESʺ dating, you might be interested in this book. It’s an interesting twist on love and it’s fun.

Ms. Nancy


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