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The Breadwinner

breadwinnerThe Breadwinner
Deborah Ellis

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 170
Age Range: 9 and up
Year: 2001
Genre: Realistic

Parvana’s Family lives in the city of Kabul where a new government called the Taliban has taken control and implemented new rules for their city. Her family has moved many times since the war had began, every house had been bombed like the one before. Her family has dwindled to herself, her parents, two sisters and a baby brother.  They are confined to the four walls of their home unless accompanied by there father because women are not allowed out side.  One day the father is dragged out of their home being accused of earning a college degree in a different country and the family has to find a way to provide for themselves without their father. Parvana is the families only hope because she can camouflage herself as a boy so she can work to get money.  The family is separated by struggles to survive and in the end parvana and her father travel to look for the rest of their family.

This story is great for middle school students to understand challenges in all sizes. From taking on more responsibilities at home to dealing with the loss of parent figures and family dynamics. This book deals with women’s rights and the importance of self confidence and bravery, also the power of the community.

-Miss Elise


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