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Dori Sanders

Quick Stats:Unknown

Page Count: 183

Age Range: 9 and up

Year: 1991

Genre: Realistic

Clover is a young black girl living in South Carolina during the 80s. Her father, Gaten was recently married to a white woman named Sara Kate. Unfortunately, the evening after they were married, Gaten dies in a car accident. Sara Kate promised Gaten to take care of Clover, who are complete strangers to each other. The book weaves in tales of the past and present, how Clover grows as a person and slowly bounds with Sara Kate.

I would recommend this book for everyone. It was an easy read and involves topics like: race, stepmothers, grandparents, farming and more. Clover for a long time has difficulty finding her voice to express her thoughts but later, she overcomes her fear. I think this is something many people can recognize in themselves as well.

Miss Samantha


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