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Elie Wiesel

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Page count: 109
Age Range: 13 and up
Year: 1960
Genre: Historical

In a village of Romania during the Nazi reign lives a 12 year old boy named Elie and his family. His family is warned of the Nazis coming and Soon after they are brought to a camp where they are to survive on little food and water. The mother and three sisters are sent to Birkenau the death camp and Elie and his father Shlomo are sent to Auschwitz the concentration camp. After many weeks of working and being beaten they continue to struggle to survive in the worst conditions and are sent on a death march to barracks in the snow, soon after his father dies. They are liberated by the American troops at the camp Buchenwald but hardly in time, only a few survived and live to speak about the horrible truth.

This is a very important book for young readers who want to know more about the Holocaust. It is a delicate subject this is handled with realness and graceful language. Involves high level emotional subjects such as death and torture. Would be good for students who are focusing on this topic for History day.



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