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The Misfits

The Misfitsmisfits

James Howe

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 274

Age Range: 11 and up

Year: 2001

Genre: Humor, Realistic

This book is about four seventh grade friends named Bobby, Addie, Joe and Skeezie who are the “Misfits” of their school. After being taunted by their peers for being different in some sort of way they decide to band together to run against the popular kids in the classroom in a political race. At first many people get upset with them, but then soft-spoken Bobby really tells what it is like to be name called all the time. At that point everybody in the school starts to take the group very seriously and gives Bobby a lot of credit.

Perfect book for any preteen or middle school age kid. It talks about bullying and stereotyping in a fun easy read. I really think all kids between 11-14 would really like this book and find it very relatable.

– Ms. Jena


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