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This book will sing straight to your heart. Seriously.

This book will sing straight to your heart. Seriously.

Karlijn Stoffels

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 134
Age Range: 12 and up
Year: 2006
Genre: Fantasy
Series: None

Mee can sing sorrow and Mitou can sing joy. This gentle, lyrical book follows their separate journeys as, separately, they bring comfort to the people in their world. The sorrowful, joyful tales of those they encounter are delicious, bite-sized stories about different kinds of love. They have all of the cleverness and emotion of age-old fairy tales, but none of the moralizing, violence, or sexism. As Mee and Mitou sing and travel, the reader wonders if their meeting is inevitable, and what could happen if they found each other.

This very European book (it was translated from the Dutch) is for readers who enjoy a slower, more delicate pace and are willing to get emotional about a book. Fans of fairy tales, love, and introspection would do well to read it. It is rather demanding in terms of vocabulary and analysis, but it is quite short and could be thoroughly enjoyed as a set of loosely-related fairy tales by readers who don’t know every word.

-Miss Barter


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