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Lauren Oliver

Here is a big picture of a young woman's face. Here eyes seem focused. Maybe she's not delirious yet.

Here is a big picture of a young woman’s face. Here eyes seem focused. Maybe she’s not delirious yet.

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 480
Age Range: 14 and up
Year: 2011
Genre: Dystopia
Series: 1 of 3

Lena and everyone in her world know something we don’t: love is a disease. Don’t believe it? Lena does: love causes mood swings, changes in appetite, difficulty focusing, irrational behavior, and it can even be fatal! Luckily, scientists have discovered a cure. Lena can’t wait to receive it, until the unthinkable happens–she gets infected. In her sanitized and tightly-controlled community, that’s a very bad thing. This is the first book in the new trilogy everyone’s talking about.

Those who love star-crossed lovers will certainly be intrigued by Delirium. It is an easy read with its straightforward structure and plain vocabulary. That said, this book is too long, internally inconsistent, and exceedingly predictable. Its world is unconvincing and its characters are flat and even unlikeable. Don’t read Delirium if you’re looking for a good book, but if you’re looking for a romance in a creative setting, this is your novel!

-Miss Barter


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