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Girlfriend Material

Girlfriend Material
Melissa Kantor

I fail to understand how Cape Cod could ruin anyone's summer.

I fail to understand how Cape Cod could ruin anyone’s summer.

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 256
Age Range: 12 and up
Year: 2009
Genre: Realistic

Katie’s summer is ruined when her mother drags her along on a trip to Cape Cod to visit an old friend. When she arrives, she finds herself very uncomfortable as the hosts’ daughter clearly doesn’t want to have to hang out with her. Meanwhile, she realizes her mother’s motive for going on the trip, which is to get space from her father and to think about getting a divorce. The only good thing about the trip for Katie is meeting Adam, a smart and handsome guy her age. But, Katie wonders, is she girlfriend material?

This is a great book for teenagers because many teenagers can relate to the roller coaster of emotions that Katie goes through both in her family and friend relationships. This is a very realistic and fast-paced read.

-Ms. Beth


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