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Neal Shusterman

I do NOT want to be lost in those creepy woods.

I do NOT want to be lost in those creepy woods.

Page Count: 384
Age Range: 12 and up
Year: 2006
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Series: 1st of 3, Skinjacker Trilogy

Nick and Allie didn’t survive the car accident, but they didn’t exactly die either. They are thrust into the world of Everlost, where if they stand still too long they could sink to the center of the earth, or stay in a dead zone and get stuck in the same pattern for eternity. Allie is set on finding a way home, but according to Mary Hightower there is no way out. When Allie finds out that there is someone who might know a way out she is willing to try anything, but at what expense?

I recommend this for anyone who likes action and adventure.

-Ms. Z


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