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The Outsiders

The Outsiders
S. E. Hinton

S. E. Hinton was only 18 when this book was published!

S. E. Hinton was only 18 when this book was published!

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 192
Age Range: 8 and up
Year: 1967
Genre: Realistic, Coming-of-age

Ponyboy is a 14-year-old kid living with his two older brothers, Sodapop and Darry. Ponyboy and his brothers are, in their community, called “Greasers.” They’re from the poor part of town and are ostracized by the wealthier class, the Socs. Ponyboy and his friends verbally and, more often, physically fight with members of the rival class. The story follows an incident where the fighting gets too violent and someone winds up killed. Ponyboy’s real struggle is with his own moral boundaries and the definition of brotherhood.

The story follows adolescent boys, so it’s a good bet that boys might like this more than girls. That said, the story is engaging for all audiences. The story has ethical undertones that make this book more meaningful towards a mature audience.

-Ms. Jessie


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