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Tower of Treasure

Tower of Treasure
Scott Chantler

Dessa!?!? I didn't know Doomtree had a graphic novel.

Dessa!?!? I didn’t know Doomtree had a graphic novel.

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 112
Age Range: 9 and up
Year: 2010
Genre: Graphic Novel
Series: 1st of 3

Dessa is an acrobat traveling with a circus, but she’s really just trying to figure out where the man who kidnapped her twin brother is. Topper (a juggler/pick pocket) and Fisk (a strongman), convince her to help rob the Queen’s treasury. There they come across some information that may lead them to Dessa’s brother.

This book is full of exciting chase scenes and danger, where all of the characters’ circus talents come into use, which provides an exciting twist on a normal adventure story. The bold lines and bright colors of the artwork really add to the action of the story, so anyone who likes clever action stories with interesting characters will like it.

-Ms. Kate


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