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Putting Boys on the Ledge

Putting Boys on the Ledge
Stephanie Rowe

If Blue puts her boy on the ledge, will he ever come back?

If Blue puts her boy on the ledge, will he ever come back?

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 184
Age Range: 11 and up
Year: 2004
Genre: Romance
Series: 4 books

Blue is a fourteen-year-old freshman in high school. She has three best girl friends and together they learn how to deal with boys. Blue and her friends are taught to “put boys on the ledge” or always leave them wanting more. Blue tries out for the school musical even though she can’t sing. She soon falls for a hot senior and he for her. It’s not as great as it seems though and putting him on the ledge might not be the best move on her part.

I would recommend this book for girls, maybe in the fourth or fifth grade. The ideas and writing are very simple and somewhat immature. Middle school girls might like this story but it would not be a challenge for them to read.

-Ms. Emily


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