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The Mystery of the Third Lucretia

The Mystery of the Third Lucretia
Susan Runholt

Have you been to the MIA? That's where Kari and Lucas are in this picture!

Have you been to the MIA? That’s where Kari and Lucas are in this picture!

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 278
Age Range: 12 and up
Year: 2008
Genre: Mystery
Series: 1 of 3 so far

Kari Sundgren (Minnesota much?) and her friend Lucas (who’s a girl) are just visiting Rembrandt’s Lucretia at the MIA when they stumble into a maybe mystery. It can’t be a real mystery, can it? Kari and Lucas are just normal Minnesota girls who don’t always get along with their mothers and who give each other the silent treatment! All the same, how could it not be a real mystery with all this action, international travel, danger, disguise, and Dutch art?

This book is absolutely ideal for a MPS ELL reader. Seriously. The main character/narrator is from the Twin Cities, so MPS readers will be in on the Minnesota jokes. She is also a bit of a know-it-all, so she explains absolutely everything that many narrators would assume are shared background knowledge. Finally, she is a 14-year-old girl, so she uses the vocabulary and diction that are appropriate. Not only is the book leveled correctly for MPS ELLs, but it is funny, fast-paced, and captivating, which make it a great read for anyone into travel, adventure, or art.

-Miss Barter


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