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Inside Out & Back Again

Inside Out & Back Again
Thanhha Lai

Quick Stats:
Page Count: 262Unknown
Age Range: 12 and up
Year: 2011
Genre: Historical, Poetry, Realistic

Hà is a ten year old, refugee from Saigon, Vietnam. Hà and her family make a desperate decision to leave their beloved home in Saigon with the hopes that her father will return after mysteriously disappearing in the war. Hà, her mother, and her four brothers take a leap of faith and escape to the United States where they find a sponsor from Alabama and discovers the foreign world of Alabama in 1975. Hà has to get used to the strange food, bullies at school, and strength of her own family.

This story is told in a series of short poems but gives an in-depth illustration of what a family feels like when escaping war.

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