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Hitler’s Secret

Hitler’s Secret

William Osborne

Quick Stats:Unknown

Page Count: 352

Age Range: 12 and up

Year: 2013

Genre: Fantasy

Teenagers Otto and Leni had escaped from the Third Reich and the war raging in Germany and felt safe in their adoptive country of England, until they were recruited by the British Government for a covert mission. Otto and Leni were dropped behind enemy lines in southern Germany on orders to rescue a young girl from a convent and deliver her across the boarder to neutral Switzerland. But Otto and Leni don’t know who this young girl is and why she is so important to the British Government, the Nazi’s, and Hitler himself.

Students who are interested in war, spies, and adventure will love this book. It will suck them in, and they won’t be able to put it down until the end.

Ms. Kate


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