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The Egypt Game

The Egypt Game

Zilpha Keatley Snyder

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 215e

Age Range: 10 and up

Year: 1986

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery

April moves in with her grandmother, Caroline, temporarily so her mother can pursue her dream of a singer/actress. April does not make friends easily but when she moves into la Casa Rosada, she meets Melanie. Melanie and April share the interest of Egypt. With the help of Marshall, Elizabeth and later on Ken and Toby, the Egypt Game came to life. But when a murder happens in the neighborhood, suddenly the game seems a little too real.

The book is filled with life events many students can relate to as well as witnessing and reading the absolute power of imagination. This is a fun read for anyone in 7th grade and up.

Miss Samantha



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