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The Misfits

The Misfitsmisfits

James Howe

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 274

Age Range: 11 and up

Year: 2001

Genre: Humor, Realistic

This book is about four seventh grade friends named Bobby, Addie, Joe and Skeezie who are the “Misfits” of their school. After being taunted by their peers for being different in some sort of way they decide to band together to run against the popular kids in the classroom in a political race. At first many people get upset with them, but then soft-spoken Bobby really tells what it is like to be name called all the time. At that point everybody in the school starts to take the group very seriously and gives Bobby a lot of credit.

Perfect book for any preteen or middle school age kid. It talks about bullying and stereotyping in a fun easy read. I really think all kids between 11-14 would really like this book and find it very relatable.

– Ms. Jena


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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Douglas Adams

Quick Stats:

Age Range: 14 and uph

Page Count: 224

Year: 1979

Genre: Humor, Scifi

This funny spoof on sci-fi novels is one of the most classic humorous books ever written. Arthur Dent is a very normal man living in England, until one day his house is slated for demolition in order to build a highway bypass. Will Earth suffer a similar fate? Arthur travels throughout the whole galaxy on a quest to discover the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

Anyone with a good sense of humor will like this book, although it is probably better suited towards 8th graders and older. Definitely not intended for children, but accessible and enjoyable to teens nonetheless.

Mr. Coleman



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Up From Jericho Tel

Up From Jericho Tel

E. L. Konigsburg Unknown

Quick stats: 

Page Count: 178

Age Range: 10 and up


Genre: Adventure, Humor, Mystery

Uninterested in the “clones” her age, perceptive 6th grader Jeanmarie Troxell befriends Malcolm Soo as they find dead animals to bury at a site they name Jericho Tel. One day, as they are digging a hole big enough for a dead Dalmation, they fall into a magical underground dimension. There they meet Tallulah, the spirit of an actress, who send them on missions of justice. The two 6th graders bond over this empowering and mysterious adventure that is all their own.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys adventures filled with peculiar, yet real and witty characters. The magic and strangeness of the mystery balances the smart use of language and genuine insights.

Ms. Allie

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I, Lorelei

UnknownI, Lorelei

Yeardley Smith

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 339

Age Range: 10 and up

Year: 2009

Genre: Emotional comedy

The story is about an eleven year old girl named Lorelei, she has a great attitude about life and has dreams of being a famous chef, or an author. Her life becomes filled with new experiences good and bad. When her cat Mud dies she begins journaling to him about her life as a sixth grader because she wants him to always know what she’s doing. Her life begins to get exceptionally tough when her parents start fighting, and the journal to Mud is her outlet to someone who will listen.

This is a great book for any child who’s parents are going through divorce. It also touches on bullying at school, school issues and the death of a beloved pet.



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School of Fear

School of Fear
Gitty Daneshvari

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 339Unknown
Age Range: 8 and up
Year: 2009
Genre: Adventure, Humor
Book 1 of 2

Everyone is afraid of something! Four young teens have fears they cannot conquer. Their parents are sending them to the “School of Fear,” in hopes they can overcome their fears. Will they or will they not? Read the book to find out!

I know many middle school students will like this book because they can definitely relate to at least one of the characters in the book. I also think COL members will like it too.

Ms. Nancy

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43 Old Cemetery Road

43 Old Cemetery Road
Kate Klise

Quick Stats:
Page Count: 155Unknown-3
Age Range: 9 and up
Year: 2009
Genre:Horror, Humor, Mystery

Mr. Grumply has writer’s block and can not finish his book. He decides to rent a place that is “QUIET” so he can finish it. Without reading the description of the house he has chosen to rent, he leaves right away. Things starts happening to him.

I recommend this book to every one. It’s funny and a quick read. It’s the kind of book that makes you want to keep READING.

Ms. Nancy

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My Name is Mina

My Name is Mina
David Almond

Quick Stats:

Page Count: 300My Name is Mina
Age Range: 10 and up
Year: 2010
Genre: Adventure, Humor, Realistic

Mina is a young girl who has a hard time fitting in. She gets kicked out of school because of her “strangeness” and therefore, is homeschooled by her mom. Mina finds life and creativity in her writing and explores how words and fonts are subject by their meaning on paper. Read and Share Mina’s thoughts as she explores her world and makes sense of it!

A great read for those who need to have fun by reading different fonts, page colors, randomness, and those who try to find meaning in words!

Ms. Brittany

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